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The vision of the Placerville Union School District is to provide children with an excellent educational program that prepares them academically and inspires them to be confident, life-long learners who strive to realize their potential and make contributions to society.


High Expectations + Strong Schools = Bright Futures

1. High Expectations

  • High content and performance standards at every graded level, understood and contributed to by parents/guardians
  • Improved performance on district and state assessments
  • Students will be prepared to be successful at the high school level and beyond

2. Strong Schools

  • High-quality, well-trained and dedicated staff
  • Safe, clean, energy efficient and technologically up-to-date schools for all students
  • Programs and services that are on the forefront of Innovation
  • Staff and parents/guardians working together to make decisions
  • Recognition for schools performing above expectations
  • Strong partnership with parents/guardians, business and community
  • Community pride in our district
  • Leadership that is responsive to the challenges of the district
  • A desirable place to work and learn
  • Maintain fiscal solvency
  • Recruit and retain quality staff
  • Plan for consequences of declining enrollment
  • Promote a culture of sustainability

3. Bright Futures

  • Lifelong learners possessing knowledge and skills to perform successfully and participate as a citizen in our society

Board Approved: 6/11/14