Q: How do I sign my child up for the bus?
A: We will need you to fill out an application, pay the bus fees, and bring your child in for a picture for their bus pass. More info about signing up can be found on our information page.

Q: Do I need to fill out an application this year if my child rode the bus last year?
A: Yes, we need a new application filled out every year.

Q: My child is now in high school. Do I still come to your office to sign him/her up for the bus?
A: No, we only provide busing for the schools in our district: Markham, Sierra, and Schnell. If you have a student that is attending high school, you will need to sign them up for a bus at the high school district transportation office at 4675 Missouri Flat Rd.

Q: Who should I talk to if my child is having problems on the bus?
A: Our lead driver can help resolve issues that happen on the bus. Call Tina at 622-6244 ext 6603.

Q: What is offered for the Markham late bus?
A: There is a late bus that picks up Markham students who stay after for programs, tutoring, and sports. It picks up at 3:30pm. Our late bus services a handful of stops. You can find our current late run schedule on our information page.

Q: What about band students that get transported from Markham to their school in the morning? What do I need to do?
A: We need an application filled out if your student isn't a normal bus rider. 

Q: What about Early Bird students?
A: We pick up students for the Early Bird program during our Markham AM route. Give us a call to see if your child's stop is available. 

Q: What if my child only needs to ride the bus for one day (i.e. going home with a friend)? Do I need to fill anything out?
A: Yes, we still need an application on file before your child rides the bus, even if it's only for a day.

Q: How does Winter weather affect the bus route?
A: Here is our info on Winter weather: Winter Weather Info