Bus Rules

Pupils transported in a school bus shall be under the authority of, and responsible to, the driver of the bus. The State Law gives the school bus driver full responsibility for the safety and conduct of students on the bus. To promote their safety and well-being, the following rules are to be followed.
Students shall:

  • Be at their bus stop and be ready for pick-up five minutes before the bus is due.
  • Stand a safe distance back from the curb or highway and line up single file, facing the street, when the bus approaches.
  • Wait for driver to tell students OK when it is safe to cross, and walk in front of the bus between the driver and the bus.
  • Do as the bus driver says and obey the driver’s instructions.
  • Always use steps and handrails and never crowd or push when getting on or off the bus.
  • Do not eat or drink anything while on the bus. Plastic water bottles are allowed.
  • Never stand, except to exit the bus at their stop and remain seated, facing forward until the bus comes to a complete stop.
  • Never throw anything on the bus or out the bus window, or extend hands, arms, heads, or objects through bus windows.
  • Must have written permission, approved by the school, to ride another bus or get off at a stop other than their own.
  • Talk in normal tones; no screaming or yelling.
  • No inappropriate language.
  • Do not tamper with safety devices or damage the interior or exterior of the bus.
  • Always treat the bus driver and fellow passengers with respect.
  • No animals of any kind are allowed in the bus, except seeing eye dogs.

Riding the school bus is a privilege and should be treated as such. Bus rules are for the safety of all those who ride the bus. Students who refuse to obey these stated rules shall forfeit their privilege to ride the school bus.

BUS DISCIPLINARY ACTION: Parental assistance in discussing appropriate and safe behavior is appreciated. Unfortunately, failure to behave appropriately can result in loss of bus privileges. For a significant or recurring problem, the disciplinary procedure will be as follows:

1st citation – Warning
2nd citation – Up to five days suspension. Parents/guardians will be contacted.
3rd citation – Loss of transportation for a period of time. Parents/guardians will be contacted.
4th citation – Loss of transportation for remainder of school year. Parents/guardians will be contacted.

ExceptionImmediate suspension may be instituted for threatened or actual bodily harm or any other infraction of established rules that the transportation administration deems hazardous to the safety of the bus, the driver, or passengers.

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