PACE Contract

Table of Contents
ARTICLE I Recognition Page 1
ARTICLE II District Rights and Responsibilities Page 2‑3
ARTICLE III Organizational Security Page 4‑5
ARTICLE IV Employee Benefits Page 6‑8
ARTICLE V Salaries   Page 9
ARTICLE VI Workday and Workweek Page 10‑14
ARTICLE VII  Evaluation Page 15
ARTICLE VIII Transfers  Page 16‑17
ARTICLE IX  Overtime Pay Page 18
ARTICLE X  Legal Holiday   Page 19
ARTICLE XI  Sick Leave and Daily Absences Page 20‑21
ARTICLE XII Vacation Leave Page 22‑23
ARTICLE XIII Leaves of Absence, General Page 24‑25
ARTICLE XIV Alternate Use of Sick Leave Page 26
ARTICLE XV Military Leave Page 27
ARTICLE XVI Parental Leave Page 27
ARTICLE XVII Industrial Accident and Illness Leaves Page 28‑29
ARTICLE XVIII Bereavement Leave Page 29
ARTICLE XIX Leave for Judicial and Official Page 30
ARTICLE XX  Grievance Procedure Page 31‑33
ARTICLE XXI  No Strike Guarantee and Agreement  Page 34‑35
ARTICLE XXII Safety of Employees Page 36
ARTICLE XXIII Effects of Layoff Page 37‑40
ARTICLE XXIV Savings Provision Page 40
ARTICLE XXV Effect of Agreement Page 40
ARTICLE XXVI Entire Agreement  Page 41
ARTICLE XXVII Support of Agreement Page 41
ARTICLE XXIX Duration of Agreement Page 42
  Memorandum of Understanding Page 43-45
EXHIBIT A Classified Salary Schedules 
Page 46  
                                          - Occasional Bilingual Stipend Page 47