Edwin Markham Middle School, in the Placerville Union School District, serves over 375 students in grades 6 though 8. Our school is situated in the Sierra foothills community of Placerville, which lies 40 miles east of Sacramento on Highway 50.

Building relationships and academic foundations are the goals of the caring and hard-working Markham Staff. The Markham family knows that from the bus driver, to the classroom teacher, from the custodial staff to the office staff, all campus adults have a commitment to the learning of Markham students. The schools builds a strong sense of 6th grade community with a cohesive  team of teachers. A strong standards-based curriculum is integrated with both exploratory and elective classes to bring a balance to the whole child. High behavior expectations are balanced by critical social and emotional support systems integrated throughout campus. The efforts of the Markham staff are focused on providing the best possible educational experience for all students while supporting their emotional- social development. 

Parents are an important component in the effectiveness of Markham School. The School Site Council, Parent Club, parent volunteers for field trips, dances and supervision, athletics, Back-to-School Night, Open House, and Parent-Teacher Conferences are an integral framework of parent support for the school.

The Facilities at Markham are a focal point for the Placerville community as well. Community and recreation programs share the grounds on most days. Our gym and athletic field are examples of Markham and the community working