Arne Johnson - Events I have been attending

Events Attended in October through December

The following are some of the events that I have been able to attend. Several of our board members and I participated in Walk to School Day. It was great to see multiple community organizations attending this event. We had a wonderful turn out of staff, students, and parents who walked groups of students to school from the downtown bus station. What fun!

I also attended an event held at the county library for the third grade students of Schnell to celebrate D,a de los Muertos. The students learned about the operations of the library, checked out books, and completed activities that celebrated family and friends that have passed. This was a great experience for all.

I visited all three sites for different types of assemblies. Schnell held their annual Turkey trot. Groups of students ran around the playground trying to catch their principle, Mr. Baker, dressed like a turkey. Markham had a spirit day assembly that included the band, songs, and fun competitions for the students and staff. Sierra had an awards assembly to recognize students for exceptional progress and behavior. All of these assemblies were well attended and enjoyed by all.

A few other activities I went to was Santa's Workshop held at the high school for TK and Kindergarten students. All students decorated and left with a wooden toy made from the wood shop. They rotated through games, music, and art stations. I also went to the TK holiday performance at Sierra and watched a mock trial conducted a class of fifth grade students at our court house. They were impressive!

One of the last things we attended as a board was a statewide school board conference. We attended a number of workshops and listened to several guest speakers. Many of the workshops I attended focused on small districts, current issues impacting school boards, and how to make board meetings positive.

I look forward to visiting each of the sites and attending more events and trainings coming up in the future.