Arne Johnson - Events I have been attending

Events Attended in August/September

The following are some of the events that I have been able to attend. On the first day back for staff, the board cooked and served breakfast to our district. We spent the day before buying and preparing the food for this welcome back breakfast. It was a great way to spend some time together as a district, introduce new staff members and start the new school year.

I also attend all three back to school nights along with many other board members. The teachers were prepared and excited about the new school year and making connections with the students and parents. All three sites were well attended. The principals did an outstanding job setting the direction and goals for their sites during their presentations.

As a board, we attended a training at the county office of education on differentiated assistance levels provided by the county to support all districts. The second part of this training was to learn about and address chronic absenteeism within our county and district. This is not only a problem in our district, but also a for our county, state, and nationally as well. We all want our students and children do their very best. In order for them to be their best, we learned they need to attend school on time and every day when possible to avoid learning loss.

The last thing I did was attend a special board meeting to interview people for an open board position. Once the person has been selected and notified, an announcement will be made to the district and at the next board meeting.

I look forward to visiting each of the sites and attending more events and trainings coming up in the future.