Breakfast served Monday-Friday at all School Sites (FREE for ALL students!)
4 months ago, Placerville Union School District
NEW Preferred Substitute Teacher Rate: At the PUSD Governing Board Meeting on October 18, 2023 the Board voted in favor of the preferred Substitute Teacher Rates. A substitute becomes a preferred substitute after 5 successful days working within the Placerville Union School District. Regular Rate - Half-Day Rate: $ 75 / Full Day Rate: $150 Proposed Preferred Rate - Half-Day Rate: $100 / Full Day Rate: $200 Retired teachers will automatically receive the preferred substitute rate.
7 months ago, Placerville Union School District
ALL PUSD SCHOOLS CLOSED MARCH 1st DUE TO POWER OUTAGE Good Morning Placerville Families, As many of you know most of Placerville is without power with no estimation of when power will be restored. All schools in PUSD are without power at this time. Also many of the roads in the outlying areas are extremely icy and would be very difficult for our busses to run. With both of these issues we will have to close school today Wednesday March 1st. We apologize for this change in plans but are hoping to have power restored and roads in much better shape so that we can safely be open tomorrow. Have a nice day. Eric Bonniksen
about 1 year ago, Placerville Union School District
Today Feb. 24th all schools in the Placerville School District will be on a one hour delay start. All schools will start one hour later than normal and all bus runs will be one hour later.
about 1 year ago, Placerville Union School District
"Due to the power outage effecting most of Placerville, PUSD will be on a one hour delay start. All schools will be starting one hour later than normal and all bus routes will run one hour later than normal. We are currently in contact with PG&E to assess the situation. If anything changes we will notify you immediately. " - Eric Bonniksen
over 1 year ago, Phoebe Fox
Click here for Snow Day Info:
over 1 year ago, Phoebe Fox
Sierra's rear parking lot will be CLOSED September 1st - 2nd due to a closure on Fowler Lane. Please use student pick up and drop off in front of the District office by using 1032 Thompson Way. Thank you!
over 1 year ago, Phoebe Fox PUSD is looking to fill a few positions for the coming school year. Paraeducator at Schnell School Yard Duty at Sierra, Schnell and Markham Parent Liaison District Wide Please follow the attached link or log onto to apply.
almost 2 years ago, Eric Bonniksen
Thursday June 30th is the last day of our 2022 Summer School Program. Have an amazing summer!
almost 2 years ago, Phoebe Fox
Our Transportation Department is closed for summer break and will reopen on August 1st. Thank you!
almost 2 years ago, Phoebe Fox
Boys & Girls Club will be closed Tuesday May 31st
about 2 years ago, Phoebe Fox
January 4th - Sierra and Schnell will be starting at the normal time.
over 2 years ago, Phoebe Fox
Due to safety concerns and the inability to get a time estimate for power to be restored from PGE we will need to close school for Markham Middle School today. All students that are currently at school will be maintained in the cafeteria until they are able to be picked up. We apologize for these unforeseen circumstances and will let you know later today as to the power situation for tomorrow.
over 2 years ago, Phoebe Fox
It has be decided that school for students will be held this Friday November 1st. The previously scheduled Staff Professional Development day has been rescheduled.
over 4 years ago, Eric Bonniksen
What a fun time Friday night at the Multicultural/Health/Safety fair a Schnell School.
about 6 years ago, Eric Bonniksen
Child kicking board
Latin America Demonstration
Guatemala Demonstration
Saftey Pup and Marshall Mouse
First concert of the year for the great Markahm Band. PUSD students take center stage again.
over 6 years ago, Eric Bonniksen
Thank you so much to all of our Bobcat families for the enormous haul of recyclables today. And thank you to our custodian Jeremy for the big haul away!
over 6 years ago, Louisiana Schnell School
The kids are so excited!!! We are collecting recycling. Student council is raising funds for playground equipment!
over 6 years ago, Louisiana Schnell School
Everyday is Panterific at Markham.
over 6 years ago, Eric Bonniksen
Markham Panther and Superintendent
There has been a lot of talk and questions about the upcoming solar eclipse, Monday, August 21. We will have a normal school day on Solar Eclipse Monday. Teachers will be reviewing sun viewing safety with their classes and we ask that you discuss this with your students at home as well. It is important that all of our students know not to look directly at the sun during this or any time. The visible light during the eclipse still includes damaging UV light and regular sunglasses will not protect their eyes. Special glasses with the ISO code 12312-2 filter out about a 1000x more radiation and are the only safe way to view the sun. You may wish to send your child with the special glasses if you have purchased them. Select classes have lesson plans about the sun and moon and are making pinhole viewers to safely view the eclipse; however, students will also be out of class for recess during the eclipse. Please remind your students about the importance of not looking directly at the eclipse. Keeping our Dragons safe is our number one priority and we appreciate your help by discussing this at home. Thank You!
almost 7 years ago, Sierra School